Tuesday, January 11, 2011

resolution time!

it's new year's resolution time again.
usually i totally suck at my new year's resolutions.
basically i think they're just around for me to pretend i'm going to change my life but then forget about by the time february rolls around.
but i surprised myself last year and i actually completed my new year's resolution.
i promised i would learn to use my sewing machine and make tons of things.
i totally did that!
i even put some up on Etsy and made a separate blog, http://sneakhugs.blogspot.com/, so i can remember all the things i make and eventually people can look there and see them.
i also said i would use sculpey more and make things out of that which i wasn't very good about doing.
we did make some Christmas presents for people using it though!
and by we i mean i come up with the present idea and Matt does all the making because he's so much better at it than i am.
we make a good team!
our friend Jordan draws this cute little tadpole guy so we made a magnet of it for him and Christine.
and i'm so sad because i can't find the picture i have of it right now.
we also made a kind of strange gift for our friends Chase and Amy.
they joked around about wanting an adorable Yakult digestive system.
watch this commercial and you'll totally want one too.
so we made them one!
and i think they liked it.
Chase and digestive system
so basically i have figured out the secret to new year's resolution success - only have one resolution.
this year Matt and i are going with a pretty simple one.
be healthier!
this includes eating better and exercising and going to sleep on time and doing all the things that a doctor would tell you to do but you never do because it sucks.
we started this past weekend and i think it's already making a difference.
and is already kind of annoying.
i'm determined to stick with it though!
and since Matt and i are doing it together we can help each other along the way.
that always makes it a little easier.
so here's to a great and healthy 2011!


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