Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life.
you know how to make me smile on my grumpiest days.
and how to bring me back down to earth when i get carried away.
you understand me better than anyone.
i don't even have to speak, you already know what i'm thinking.
you're the reason i get up in the morning.
and the one i always want to snuggle with at night.
you love me even though i'm terribly flawed.
you love me through my sad, my overly excited, and my crazy days.
you tell me i'm beautiful all the time, and then a thousand times more to make sure i hear you. 
and even more than that, you make me feel beautiful.
you're hilarious and the sweetest guy i know. 
and so ridiculously sexy, especially with your scruffy beardsy.
i love you for pushing me to be a stronger person. 
and also for standing with me when i'm feeling weak.
i love your super creative mind and how much it inspires me.
i love your positive attitude and how you remind me that any situation can be turned into a good one.
i love the way your hand fits perfectly in mine.
i love the way you get upset when i tickle you.
i love that you call me every night on your way home from work.
i love how you always want to spend time with me, no matter what we do.
i love that we have matching square smiles.
i love that you think you love me more.
i love that we have the same dreams for our future that aren't a fantasy but a plan.
i love the perfect kisses you give me.
you are my everything.
my perfect match.
my puzzle piece.
puzzle pieces


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