Friday, November 1, 2013

prego halloween

i really thought we wouldn't be able to give halloween the attention it deserves this year with all the work, school and baby-making that we have going on but i'm seriously so glad we did!
it's just not halloween unless the masons are making and wearing ridiculous costumes, amiright??

as it got closer and closer to halloween we still hadn't decided on a good costume idea that would allow both of us to be something awesome AND would show off this baby bump with style.
finally, as we sat and enjoyed a super incredibly delicious meal at Wendy's one night, we had the best costume brainstorming session ever!
and the idea was born!
 and the best part? it took very little effort! 
we're usually making our costumes for months but this literally only took a couple nights and a trip to the thrift store.  
so without further ado...

Ron Swanson and "All the bacon and eggs you have"
ron and matt

i'm really surprised by the lack of holiday parties that go on in this little college town but we did manage to sneak our way into our friends' ward party the night before halloween!
they ended up having a costume contest and the judge lady had us all cracking up when she saw our costumes.
first, she had no idea who matt was.
then she spent a good amount of time staring at me and then walked away only to do a double take at the last second and yell out "oh my gosh! it's a baby!"
apparently my egg yolk baby bump wasn't as obvious as i thought it was.
but i ended up winning the award for funniest costume! 
the judge told me the baby won it for us so this counts as Marshall's first costume contest award!
is he our kid or what?!


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