Sunday, September 29, 2013

real talk

school is hard. 

i feel like i just kinda coasted through high school and even my associates degree. the classes i took were boring and meaningless and i never really had to put much effort into any of them. then i came here and found that science degrees are no joke. this is seriously the hardest semester i've had EVER. when i'm not in class, i'm in lab. when i'm not in lab, i'm studying in the library. when i'm not studying in the library, i'm writing papers at home. when i'm not writing papers, i'm doing chemistry homework. it's an endless cycle of school and it's piled on top of being pregnant and constantly hungry and sleepy and worried about my due date that seems to be creeping up on me and will be here before i know it and i'm not prepared! 

this week i have an exam in every single one of my classes. it's not mid term week or anything like that, this is just how almost every 2 weeks go. it seems that almost every teacher is on the "2 week exam" schedule this semester and they plan their weeks to be exactly the same! my week this week will consist of all my regular classes plus two 3 hour long labs plus homework plus 2 book reports plus an exam every single day. 
i might die.

i'm starting to have serious doubts about whether i'll be able to handle this school thing. it's a full time job and i'm about to have a newborn around here that's gonna need a lot of love and attention. it doesn't help that i also have every teacher at school telling me "oh you'll drop out as soon as that baby is born." really?? that was super helpful mr. biology teacher. thank you for reinforcing my biggest stress and fear as of late. 
i really don't know what i'm going to do. i don't want to drop out. i'll only have 3 semesters left by the time our little baby boy is here but if they are anything like this semester has been...

someone send help. and cookies. 


Chase and Amy said...

Nikki! I will seriously throat punch the teacher that said that to you. What a jerk/idiot. You are going to be the bombest mommy AND a super awesome aquatic scientist woman! Don't give up - you can do this! You have an amazing, supportive, stay-at-home daddy-to-be who is going to kick butt at parenting too. And the newborn stage is the most chill. And maybe you could space it out to graduate in 4 instead of 3 semesters so that you have to take fewer classes and can be home a little more. I don't know, I would be scared too, no joke. But I just know you'll do amazing no matter what you decide! <3

Cammie Haney said...

Nikki, tell them to suck it! You're going to be an awesome mom and will totally do GREAT in school! It will be hard but, you're a Champ. Just like Mars :)

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