Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fun fun fun fun

so lately the hubsy and i have been obsessed with making fun of this music video.
basically we can't help ourselves.
it's just so fun fun fun fun to make fun of!
it makes me want to do some partying partying yeah!
i should probably be writing this post on a friday or sunday 'cause it comes afterwards.
oh man, i could do this all day but i'll stop now.
and if you didn't understand anything i just said you NEED to watch this video.

besides making fun of unbelievably talented 14 year olds singers, Matt and i have been trying to exercise and eat healthy.
we wake up early and work out and then keep each other motivated as we starve during the day.
we also went shopping yesterday with coupons *gasp*
my big sister, a.k.a the coupon master, was very proud.
we ended up saving over 10% of our total while we bought mostly things we needed/usually buy.
we even went specifically to Bashas so we could buy Sunny D because it was on sale and i had a coupon and it ended up being only 49 cents!
the lady at the register told me it was an excellent deal and i pretended i was a seasoned couponer and said "yeah i know!"
which was basically a total joke because i had no idea it was going to be that cheap when i went up to the register but i totally fooled that cashier!
now if you'll excuse me i think i'll go drink some of that deliciously cheap Sunny D.


AZ Larsens said...

Stick with me kid and soon you'll be saving 67% off every trip like I do! I'm so very proud right now.

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