Wednesday, March 2, 2011


while i'm on a roll with this Christmas gift thing i've got one more.

my husband's favorite comic of all time is Calvin and Hobbes.
he was Calvin for Halloween a few years ago, i bought him the complete comic book collection a couple years back and he says we have to name our first son Calvin.
he loves it THAT much.
so this year for Christmas i wanted to give him a Hobbes stuffed animal and since they don't make them for people to buy (which is totally lame) i had to make it myself.
it took me for-e-ver since there's not really a pattern out there to make a Hobbes stuffed animal but i did it and i'm pretty happy with how he turned out.
hobbes shelf 2

here's the video of Matt opening his present.

when i told him i was making him something for Christmas he thought it would be something Star Warsy so he was surprised to find Hobbes waiting for him in that box.

for about two weeks straight i would wake up super early every morning and try to get all my work done by noon so i could work on Hobbes until Matt got home around 4:00.
i was ridiculously tired those two weeks but it was worth it.
he's made with fleece for extra softness and the stripes are felt.
he's super snuggly!

and Padme loves him too!

i did take pictures to make a tutorial but those pictures are on our old computer so i'll have to wait for the hubsy to put them on the new one.
but some day i'll do it.


AZ Larsens said...

Aw, Matt is so happy when he opens presents it makes me want to give him a present right now!

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