Tuesday, March 15, 2011

action action

yesterday Matt and i had a very amazing Pi Day!
any excuse i can get to eat pie, i'll take it!
Jordan and Christine invited us over and we ate scrumptious pie and watched Scott Pi-lgrim!
is that a stretch?
well we just really wanted to watch Scott Pilgrim.
i love Pi Day!

then tonight we went and saw Battle LA.
Matt likes talking me into seeing certain movies.
he knows i love me a good action movie so he thought he could slide this one in.
the movie was basically explosion
after explosion
after explosion
with some aliens
but for being an explosion/alien movie i actually thought it wasn't too bad.
i didn't even totally and completely hate Michelle Rodriguez.
battle-la 2
usually i do *cough* Ana Lucia *cough*

the one thing i could've done without though was the shaky camera thing.
that makes me soooo sick and my eyes soooo tired.
why do they insist on making movies like that?
this one definitely wasn't as bad as Cloverfield
(i walked out after the first 20 minutes of Cloverfield and spent the rest of the movie in the theater lobby)
but it was bordering that line of "this is gonna make me puke."

anyway...moral of the story is: i liked the movie and its alienness.
as long as you don't think about plot line and just enjoy the action, it's perfect.
and now we know how to defeat the aliens that are coming August of this year.


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