Friday, March 18, 2011

dear patrick's day

saint patty's day is a funny holiday.
but any holiday where you get to dye all your food green is a holiday i like!
for dinner i had planned on making shepherd's pie which is kinda Irish right?
i even planned on dying the mashed potatoes on top green but a couple hours before dinner i realized i was missing some ingredients and didn't have a car to run to the store to get them.
so we had green pancakes instead!
on green plates.
and green Sprite.
in green cups.
with a green straw in mine.
you can't really tell the pancakes are green because they got all toasty on the outside but the inside was green all the way!
and notice Matt is not wearing a green shirt.
he refused.
so this is him showing off his green dinner and also the fact that he will be pinched!
i went for the usual green shirt and went the extra tiny bit by painting my nails green.
no where near how cool my sister is though.
she dresses her kids up in 100% green outfits.
st pattys day nephews
(the nephew on the right likes to refer to St. Patrick's Day as Dear Patrick's Day! so cute!)
and she even dyed her hair green for the day.
st pattys day christy
now that's dedication to a holiday.


AZ Larsens said...

Wow I feel so honored to be featured in your blog!

I made green velvet cupcakes yesterday too and they were SO GOOD!

P.S. I was just making my grocery shopping list and couldn't remember this thing I knew we needed and it was driving me crazy. Well, then I went to read blogs hoping it would come to me and reading your blog helped me! I need SYRUP!!

Chase and Amy said...

So I read through the previous posts, and to save myself from posting on all of them, I'll just do it once.

You guys are such cool people!! Glad we are friends, haha.

There, the end.

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