Monday, March 14, 2011

Sedona weekend

it's spring break time.
it's sad that once you're a grown up spring break loses its amazingness because you still have to work.
luckily we were able to tag along for the weekend on my family's spring break trip to Sedona.
we were only there for one night but it was really great to get away.
sometimes i feel like i'm trapped in our house.
and Matt says that makes me grumpy.
so now i'm all un-grumpified because we got to chill in Sedona for a weekend!
we started our trip off right with one of our new favorite songs.
Lights, Camera, Action!
basically these two awesome guys decided they were gonna make a sweet hip hop song in just eight hours and totally succeeded!
you can watch the whole thing in this video but skip ahead to 6:05 for just the music video.
Matt and i always copy the guy's hand gesture he does during the chorus.
like this...
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 004
that song was definitely number one on our road trip soundtrack!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 005
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 011
on the way to Sedona we made a stop at Montezuma Well.
it was pretty cool!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 012
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 014
it's a short little walk around this giant well and all these ruins.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 016
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 020
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 026
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 028
then you walk down to the little creek that flows into the well and it's so beautiful.
and there was a little bridge so we took the opportunity to play a game of Pooh Sticks.
i remember playing Pooh Sticks all the time growing up but Matt had no idea what we were talking about.
he ended up loving it though!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 030
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 031
Matt decided he was going to jump around on every tree, rock, log he could during this trip.
like this.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 034
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 035
and sometimes he'd convince me to join him.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 036
after our Montezuma stop we ate lunch and continued on our journey.
we walked through downtown Sedona.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 041
then went to eat and went to this amazing view spot where you can see practically the whole town of Sedona.
it was pretty dark by the time we got up there but it was so cool to see the city lights and the mountains!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 043
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 045
then it was night time. Matt was being ridiculous goofy when we were trying to get to sleep.
apparently all that jumping around on things made him more tired than he realized and he couldn't stop giggling.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 047
the next morning we headed to a park to go on a tiny hike and get some cool pictures.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 053
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 059
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 066
and Matt found some more things to jump around on.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 068
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 070
we just wouldn't be us if we didn't try to get a jumping shot with those awesome rocks in the background.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 077
(i love that Matt's shoe flew off during this too!)
and then the family got one!
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 078
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 082
then Matt decided he was going to try jumping on something else.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 091
see the little rock back a ways in the middle of the water?
he wanted to get on that and before i could argue with him he ran off to try.
when my dad found out his plan he followed him because "someone has to pull him out when he falls in."
he ended up not being able to get to that rock without going for a swim so they got to one a little closer.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 089
the rock in the middle is what Matt was shooting for but they're on one a little left of center hiding behind all those branches.
can you find them?
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 090
this area was really cool with the stream and the rocks in the background.
here's Sari soaking it all in.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 094
Matt jumps on more things.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 095
and finds a way into this crazy tree.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 098
and then makes everyone gang up on me so i'll climb up with him.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 103
he's such a little boy at heart.
i love that about him!

the last thing we did was take a little trip to Jerome.
scariest town ever!
it's literally built on the side of this mountain and you feel like you could just go flying off at any time.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 112
just beyond where Matt is standing is a huge cliff!
there's a lot of cool shops with way expensive art and jewelry which was fun to look at.
and a lot of old run down, destroyed buildings.
03-05-2011 Sedona Trip 111
those building made me think the city was real safe being all high up on the cliff.
i have no idea why anyone would want to stay there but it's fun just to visit!

so our trip was super fun and much needed!
we're thinking about taking more little weekend trips like this because we had so much fun!


AZ Larsens said...

That pic of Mom jumping is probably the funniest thing ever! I can't stop laughing! I'm glad you had fun and that you liked the M's Well! I was nervous after I told you it was so cool.

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