Saturday, April 3, 2010

i was wrong before

yoga isn't torture, it's pure evil!
the devil himself created yoga and you want to know how i know that?
he tried to kill me with it last night.

yesterday, when matt and i woke up we didn't feel any soreness at all.
i thought to myself "man, maybe we're not as out of shape as we thought we were."
slowly throughout the day i started to get more and more stiff.
holy cow! you have no idea how stiff i was by the time matt got home!
and he said the same thing happened to him!
so we decided to do the stretches at the end of the P90X yoga video because a couple people told us that those are good stretches and we needed our bodies to loosen up.
it sounds like a good plan right?

well we were going along all fine and dandy when we got to the point where they do the bridge/wheel stretch.
bridge is for unflexible people and wheel is for the experts.

i have done this wheel move a million times in my younger years and i knew i still could so i decided to show off for my cutie patootie husband and show him what i can do.
oh how i wish i could go back in time and make myself NOT do that because i then spent the rest of the night like this...

with an ice pack on my back and my feet propped up and hardly able to move.
i can honestly tell you how it feels to be a middle aged man when his back goes out.

now i know that you're all thinking "what an idiot!" and yes, i am an idiot but let me tell you where my problem started.
obviously it started when i decided to do that little wheel move but the real problem occurred after that.
i was up in the wheel pose all fine and dandy and thought that i could move my hands even closer to my feet for a bigger bend.
THERE! right there is when my problem happened!
i already have a bad lower back issue going on and this took that issue to the breaking point!
i fell back on the floor consumed in a pain that i have never felt before in my entire life!
i actually had to ask matt to help me up because i couldn't move an inch on my own.
i then spent about 10 minutes straight curled in a little ball trying to stretch my back out the opposite way which didn't help very much but i didn't know what else to do.
then the rest of the night was spent sitting with an ice pack or heating pad and ordering matt to get me stuff so i didn't have to get up.
love you matt!

moral of the story kids: don't do crazy yoga poses to show off to your hubsy because you might hurt your back so bad you won't be able to walk for days...or you could die!


AZ Larsens said...

I just laughed for like 5 minutes straight!

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