Saturday, April 3, 2010

unique easter fun!

matt and i aren't like normal people.
we don't do the traditional things that you're supposed to do around holidays.
easter is a perfect example.
for some reason matt hates coloring eggs for easter.
this will be our 4th easter together and i think i only talked him into coloring eggs with me once and even then he pouted the whole time.
this year i wasn't even going to bother him with it when he told me he wanted to do eggs.
i couldn't believe it!
then he told me he didn't want to color them, he wanted to turn them into little chicks.
yeah i thought it sounded weird too but then he showed me what he meant and i loved the idea!
here's what we did...

first you look up how to perfectly hard boil an egg. we went with this website and it worked wonderfully!
you start out by keeping the eggs at room temp for a while and then you put the eggs in a pan (or pot) and add enough cold water to just cover the eggs.

you cook them on high like that until it starts to boil

when it's boiling you move the pan off the heat and cover it. you leave it like that for 17 minutes.

after 17 minutes you immediately take the eggs out and put them in a bowl of freezing cold water (you can even add ice cubes to it) then you put the bowl in the fridge for 10 minutes.

after those 10 minutes the eggs are complete and you can taste one to make sure that it is perfection!

ours were!

now comes the fun part!
matt found a website that showed him how to do this.
they do it a whole lot better than we did but oh well!
first you start out by peeling a few eggs.
make sure you remember which eggs in the fridge are the hard boiled ones or you'll end up like matt with yolk all over your hand!

after you peel a couple eggs you're going to cut a little zigzag pattern along the white part, try not to go too deep because you don't want to hit the yolk.
then you slowly pull off the top so that one side of the white egg part comes off all nicely.

then you're going to cut up a thin slice of tomato (or red pepper) and give it a scalloped edge.
you're also going to cut up some little carrot slices that look like half moons.

at this point you're supposed to also cut up some olives into little tiny dots but we didn't have olives so we used sprinkles instead.
now some of your eggs are zigzagged and one is peeled and left alone.
now you start putting all the pieces together!

carrots are for beaks, sprinkles (or olives) are for eyes and the tomato slice (or red pepper) is for the mama's comb thingy on her head.

and when you're all done you end up with an adorable little hard boiled egg chicken family!

now tell me this isn't way better than coloring eggs!
if you want to see the original website that taught us how to do this go here!
they did a much better job than we did!

we're going to dare another easter treat creation tonight and it's going to be so much more chocolatey!


AZ Larsens said...

You guys are crazy! Do you have to eat them right away?

I want chocolate Easter treats.

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