Monday, April 19, 2010

accident prone

so apparently i am accident prone.
remember when i was stupid and tried to be a pro at yoga and hurt my back?
well now my back was all better...then yesterday came.

it was a beautiful sunday morning, we got to sleep in and matt was going to make me pancakes
(which he never does but i always beg him to do).
he had gone downstairs to start the cooking while i woke up our cute puppy.
i was bringing her little house downstairs when BOOM!
yeah...i fell halfway down the stairs.
matt came to my rescue and helped me down the rest of the way and sat me on the couch with yet another ice pack behind me.
right back to where i was 2 weeks ago.
what is the deal??

i would put a picture up but the baseball sized bruise from the fall has formed mostly on my tooshy and that's not a place you take pictures of.
no way jose.
but it is there.
it is very large and making it very difficult for me to walk, bend, sit and sleep.
and i can't let matt anywhere near me because he always forgets i'm hurt and touches it.
so not cool.

at least my accidents haven't had to do with any broken bones yet.
(knock on wood)
only back issues.
apparently my accident prone-ness is selective.


AZ Larsens said...

Okay I can't help it...I'm cracking up picturing you falling down the stairs! I'm sorry!

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