Sunday, April 25, 2010

highlight of my week

well this has been quite a week.
first major thing that happened is matt and i got new phones.
i love new phone time!
verizon was having this smokin' deal with their palm pre plus phone, get 2 for $50 and matt talked me into it.
this phone is so unlike any other phone i've ever had.
i've never had a phone with internet or games or one that exclusively has a keyboard instead of the number keypad.
i didn't think i was going to like it as much as my old one but i do, i so do!

it's super sleek and cute and i love it!
the only downside is that i haven't quite got the hang of the keyboard yet.
i always liked texting with T9 and now i can't do that.
and who can text on a keyboard while driving a stick shift car?? not me!
guess i'm going to have to learn to not text when i'm driving.

next thing that happened this week is i'm sick...again.
i have this grossy gross tonsil problem and it makes me sick every couple months.
i'm thinking about actually going to the doctor and telling them to cut them out to stop this insanity.
its so not fun being sick over and over again.

that brings me to saturday, the best day!
my big sister's neighborhood had a community garage sale and she told me to bring anything i wanted to get rid of.
matt and i were psyched!
we had 4 big items we were DYING to sell.
a wooden entertainment center, a loveseat sofa, a tv stand and probably the heaviest tv known to man.
it took us for-e-ver to get everything over to my sister's house.
the tv had to be dragged on top of a cardboard box all the way down our stairs, across our living room, out the door and out to the car because it was too heavy to pick up but after making several frustrating trips back and forth we finally got everything over there friday night so they'd be ready to sell early the next morning.
i am happy to report that the ridiculously heavy tv and the entertainment center both sold!
and we ended up giving the couch away for free to one of my sister's neighbors that wanted it.
we didn't make that much money but i'm just so happy to finally be able to pull my car into our garage and not have to worry about if i pulled in far enough so the garage door won't come down on top of my trunk.
it's a great feeling!
and now we can maybe actually organize the garage since we can finally walk around in there!
i love how successful this garage sale was!

so it's been a pretty eventful week but wanna know what the highlight of my week was?
matt singing shania twain in the shower on saturday morning.
no joke.


matt said...

that don't impress-a me much!

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