Wednesday, April 28, 2010

forks, washington is the bomb!

this past week matt and i watched a very funny movie, it is called...
Twilight in Forks The Saga of the Real Town.
just the title should tell you how amazing this movie is!
it'll make you love twilight all over again and also make you remember how crazy people are about it, seriously.
while i was watching i couldn't stop thinking about the trip that matt and i took up there and how we are amazingly amazing trend setters for doing it before everyone else in the entire world did.

the twilight in forks movie was made in 2009 and matt and i went in 2008.
in just that one short year forks became sort of a twilight theme park.
they have bella's truck out in front of their chamber of commerce.

they have signs on practically all the windows and in front of their stores showing their vampire spirit.

they have a whole store dedicated to twilight.

they even have a twilight tour where you can go around and see the buildings they've picked out that most resemble the places in the books.

(thank you girls in the picture who i do not know for the picture i found on google images)

they even have a parking spot reserved at the hospital for dr. cullen.

the place has gone bonkers for twilight and it is so awesome!
they have done so many other things there to make that place exactly what the tourists are hoping for.
heck, they even have stephenie meyer day celebrated on bella's birthday!

when matt and i went to forks all the books weren't even out yet.
i can even guarantee that 50% of forks had no idea what twilight was so our trip didn't have fancy twilight signs and tours everywhere.
we got to see what forks is really truly like.

you drive through the most beautiful forest.

and pretend to be vampires by the most beautiful lake.

do a funny pose in front of the cool forks welcome sign.

drive all through town, seeing maybe 10 people the whole time, taking pictures of places from the books.

go to la push because we are
all the way.

watch matt pretend to be a buff werewolf.

kiss because we love each other.

then go to port angeles and do it all over again!

i won't post every single picture from port angeles but i will say that we did have dinner at bella italia and it was probably the best italian food i have ever eaten in my life!

i would go back to port angeles just to eat there again!

when our trip was over i was so sad to say goodbye to forks and port angeles.

i really do hope that we can go there again sometime and see all the crazy twilighters at their best!
maybe we'll even go on stephenie meyer day!!

but the moral of the story is...
1. matt and i totally started the trend to vacation in forks.
2. we are true twilight lovers because we had a blast even though the place wasn't decked out in twilight stuff.
3. we saw a real vampire and werewolf while we were there. it's true. watch the videos.

(this vampire even came out of forks high school so you know it's the real deal!)

(it is so NOT a pig! it is a giant werewolf! matt doesn't know what he's talking about)


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