Sunday, May 2, 2010

the good and the bad

matt is so good to me.
since i've been working from home i hardly ever leave the house.

this is good because...
1. i get to stay in my comfy clothes and jammies all day long
2. i don't really have to put make up on unless i want to
3. i get to eat snacks

but it's bad because...
1. i don't get to see/talk to anybody
2. i get bored of doing the same thing over and over
3. sometimes i actually want to get dressed and leave the house for a change

this is where matt is so nice.
sometimes he'll get home from work and even though he's tired and wants to rest for a bit he'll come home and take me out instead.
what a sweetie pie!
so after a week of not leaving the house matt decided that this weekend he would take me a couple places.

first thing we did was go to a bunch of stores looking for mother's day gifts.
then we remembered how awful we are at finding mother's day gifts and i texted my mom to ask her what she wanted.
instead of wanting us to buy her something she asked us to make her dinner and matt got super psyched about making her some brazilian meal.
we'll probably end up doing the dinner thing with matt's mom too so i guess mother's day is covered!

while we were searching for mother's day gifts i found a gift for myself and matt bought it for me!
he said i had to consider it as part of my birthday gift but come on, my birthday is a whole month away, he'll forget about it by then!
how cute is this little hootie??

you don't have to answer, i know how adorable he is.

he's so cute and chubby and he likes to sit on my desk and make me smile!

see? and padme likes my new hootie too!

so that part of the weekend was suuuuuper good thanks to matt!
but then we had to take padme to get her annual shots.
we found a low cost vaccination clinic that goes around to different pet stores in the area and decided that would be a good place to go so we could save some money.
padme was ridiculously scared there because she hates other dogs and there were some crazy dogs there.
i wasn't a big fan of the vet but he did what he had to do quickly and we moved on and everything seemed fine.
we took padme home and went to get something to eat and then when we got home she all of a sudden started throwing up a bunch.
i've never seen her so sick before and it scared the heck out of me!
she threw up all over and then laid down and wouldn't get up and could barely even open her eyes.
i kinda freaked and called the place we went to ask the vet what to do.
they told me to keep her hydrated and keep a close eye on her and if she gets any worse to take her to an emergency clinic.
we couldn't get her to drink out of her bowl so the next best thing was getting her to lick ice cubes.
look how sad she looks. i hate it.

the ice did help her though.
after finishing one and a half ice cubes she actually stood up and drank from her water bowl and she drank a LOT of water.
the poor thing!
and as we speak she is laying in her little bed next to matt trying to sleep everything off.
i don't like to see my little baby so sick.
i really hope she's better by tomorrow or i'm going to kill that vet who hurt her!
that's right, that was a threat! beware!


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