Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST can't be over!

how can LOST be over??
i'm not ready to give up my favoritest show!
even if Matt and i did have a great LOST Finale day.

LOST Finale day is epic, it only happens once so we made a special dinner in its honor.
delicious crock pot burritos and tortilla chips with homemade salsa and guacamole.
talk about tasty!
we had just started watching the LOST re-cap show when Matt decided we needed to watch these 4 1/2 hours of LOST in bed because that's how we started watching LOST those many years ago.
so he carried our big tv upstairs so we could have the full effect.

but then the cable wouldn't work so he carried the tv back down.
and then he thought of another idea to try and brought the tv back up.
we were so afraid with all his moving of the tv around our DVR would stop working and we wouldn't record the finale which was so not an option.
i mean, if that happened we would have to wait a whole day to download it!
the finale started at 8 and Matt was down to the last 10 minutes with his one last idea to fix the tv.
we watched as the tv searched for the right channel as the clocked ticked away and at 7:58 exactly this is what i saw...

my hero!
we were able to watch LOST while relaxing and snuggling in bed.
it was like a dream come true.

so now, what did i think of the finale?
i must say that when it was over i kinda had the "that was it?" feeling but after talking it through with Matt a little bit i think i liked it.
of course it just wouldn't be LOST if it still didn't leave some questions unanswered like...
what really was the black smoke?
why did Walt seem to have super powers?
why didn't Jack kiss Kate at the end?
why did Desmond messing with the light make it possible for Locke to die?
why did it show the island on the bottom of the ocean if Jack saved it and it never sank?
why did that shark have a Dharma symbol on its tail?
why didn't Sawyer pop out of the tv and profess his love for me?
so many questions.

i think the main question that Matt and i had was what was with the whole flash sideways nonsense?
after thoroughly discussing it, i think Matt and i have come up with a pretty good theory.
at the end of the show you learn that all the characters have died one way or another so during the flash sideways time they are all actually dead which means that it's not a flash sideways at all, it would actually be a flash forward.
the flash sideways time, we decided, is a place where all the characters went after they died, a kind of spirit world i suppose and after they found each other and remembered everything they were all able to move on together.
it only made sense that they would want to move on all together since they were with each other during the biggest moments of their lives.
very deep.

now that i look back at it, it was a pretty good way to end the show.
they answered a lot but left the viewers some things to figure out on their own.
i was still left wanting more but i guess i have to say...

farewell LOST, you will be missed by millions of LOSTies all over the world.


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