Wednesday, May 5, 2010

may the 4th be with you

i think matt has a new favorite holiday.
it's kinda like how one of my favorite holidays is shark week which isn't really a holiday but so is at the same time.

so matt's new favorite holiday is may 4th or national star wars day.
who wouldn't love that right?
so i decided that we were gonna really make this the best holiday ever!
first of all...i dressed up. and made matt dress up too.
that means that i wore my padme costume which is highly embarrassing and totally unbelievably amazing at the same time.
and the doggy padme and i took pictures together because it's a law to do that when you have the same name.

she didn't like me since she's the real thing and i'm not.
she called me a poser.

we bought matt a brown snuggie this past winter because
A. he was completely obsessed with snuggies and
B. because a brown snuggie looks like a jedi robe if you wear it like a robe and not like a snuggie which defeats the purpose but that doesn't matter when you look like a jedi, duh!
here we are being totally amazing on stars wars day!

we are making the funniest faces in this picture because we're being totally hardcore.
especially matt.
i'm kinda nervous our neighbors saw us through our window and thought we were freaks.
or thought we were the coolest people they had ever seen! BOOYAH!

after we were done taking hardcore pictures we ate our star wars dinner.
yeah i'm not kidding.
we had HAN-burgers and BOBA FETT fries.

while drinking DARK SIDE drinks (in star wars cups of course).

and for dessert we had JAWA JIVE milkshakes.

which were so good i might make them again tonight just for the heck of it!

how did i get these amazing food ideas you ask?
well the HAN-burgers and JAWA JIVE milkshake ideas came from the greatest cookbook in the world that i got for matt for his birthday or christmas or something.
you know you want it.

but the BOBA FETT fries and DARK SIDE drinks were 100% our creation.
meaning they are just sweet potato fries and mountain dew that we gave star wars names.

and as if dressing up and eating themed food wasn't enough we also watched both family guy star wars episodes!
they were crazy funny!
i mean who wouldn't want to watch this?

that's what i thought.

and again to prove our level of nerdiness
(because the rest of the night clearly wasn't enough)
we played star wars guess who!

A LOT because matt didn't want to give up without beating me and he was having a tough time doing that.

so basically may the 4th is the greatest holiday ever!
and matt and i are the best at celebrating it ever!
(so much cooler than all those lame people who just posted 500 million quotes on facebook all day long)
and i looked way better in my padme costume than natalie portman.

no joke.


AZ Larsens said...

I love you guys. Fo real real.

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