Sunday, May 16, 2010

rat dog

our puppy is definitely the cutest little puppy in the universe!
lately she has been in dire need of a haircut.
actually, she's been needing this haircut for months now.
she looked like a little hobo dog with all her tangles and dirtiness.
this is the padme that we dropped off for a haircut...

cute right?

little shaggy mop head dog.

and this is the padme that ran in the door after matt picked her up...


i love it!
she looks so hilarious and she has the funniest attitude now.
usually after she gets her haircut like this she sulks around like she's embarrassed about her bare bum being seen by the world but not this time.
she's been prancing and strutting around.
she's not afraid to show it!
it took me like 20 tries to take a picture where she wasn't moving.
like this one...

20 tries to get this picture!
or maybe 5, but still!
she knows she's adorable!
we're gonna be beating the boy dogs off with a stick now!
good thing there's no chance of her getting knocked up.


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