Sunday, April 11, 2010

who needs a hairstylist when you got me?

sometimes matt makes me cut his hair.
i like when he asks me because it makes me feel like a ridiculously cool hair dresser but every single time i get so scared and worried that i'm going to mess it up.
i haven't made any really noticeable mistakes yet but every time i start cutting i think "this is going to be the time".
so i always get about half way and freak out.
this time was no different.

matt sat down on a chair in the shower (we decided that's the best place to cut hair and have easy clean up).
he wanted it shorter than i've ever cut it before which meant using the razor a lot more than i like to.
i started with the razor on the back part of his head and then i got the scissors out to blend it with the top and that's when i panicked.
blending hair is hard!
it doesn't look hard when the real hairstylists do it but oh man it is!
i had a nice freak out moment and told matt i wasn't going to finish but, as always, i sucked it up and cut the rest and everything was fine.

i wish i had taken a before shot of his hair because we could've made a wig with all the hair i cut off!

after matt played with it for a while he decided...

he like it!
i sighed with relief.

i gotta stop doubting my skills because between his scruff and my haircutting talent my man looks dang GOOD!


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