Friday, March 26, 2010

monster madness

so remember way back to the new year when i said that i was going to be more crafty?
well, as always, i haven't been doing a very good job with my resolution.
back then i wanted to make that monster stuffed animal right?
well in january i bought the pattern, i bought the fabric, i planned it all out , cut the fabric, pinned him together and he was basically ready to be sewn and stuffed.
but then i got scared of my new cool sewing machine and told myself i couldn't do it and that poor little monster had to sit in our office for months hoping for me to someday be a man, use my sewing machine and give him the life a little monster stuffed animal always wanted!
so...i did just that!
that's right, i finished him!

isn't he the cutest little thing you ever did see?
he's definitely not perfect but not too shabby for my first stuffed animal!
his eyes were a stroke of genius because i couldn't find just one button that i liked the best so i thought to myself "why can't i use two different ones and put them together?"
as it turns out, you can do that!
so i did.
his mouth was a last minute decision that i had to hand sew but i think it's my favoritest part about him!

go me!!
now i just need to make a little friend for him!

(ps. i just realized i'm wearing the same shirt as in my last pictures. what can i say? i really love flannel and i really love that shirt!)


AZ Larsens said...

Me likey! Both the monster and the flannel.

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