Friday, March 5, 2010

getting used to my new life

so i'm doing the work at home thing now which i thought i'd really love but as it turns out i'm having a rough time getting into the swing of things.

i still feel the need to wake up early even though i could sleep in if i wanted.
i still feel the need to do laundry first thing in the morning even though i now have all day to do it.
i still feel the need to shower and get ready first thing in the morning even though i could really stay in my jammies all day long.
i still feel the constant need to rush rush rush with everything i do even though i now have more time than i have had since i can remember.

also, i can't seem to stop obsessing about how ridiculously messy my house is right now!
when we closed the store we took a bunch of stuff (too much stuff actually) so all those things that were spread out in our big store are now stuffed into our teeny tiny garage and all over the house.
it makes me want to punch someone!
i've tried every day to clean at least one room in the house but once i get one room clean another one gets messed up!
like when i successfully cleaned the kitchen so that the counter was visible for the first time in a week i walked upstairs and saw the gigantic mess of computer cords and cables and tools that covered the floor of our office.
it makes me exhausted just thinking about it.
this weekend matt and i are going to attack this mess and by sunday night i WILL be able to park my little car back in it's safe garage and i WILL be able to successfully walk around a room without tripping on something and i WILL be able to actually have people come over and not be afraid that they will die in the mess and i won't even know it.
this place WILL get clean this weekend!
or else.

even though i haven't quite settled into the working at home thing i know one little puppy that has certainly been loving it.

in fact, i think she believes that if she snuggles me enough i'll eventually give up on my work and play with her all day long.

she was actually sprawled across my lap and laying her head on my arm while i was typing.
(ignore the messiness in the background of this picture please!)

matt told me yesterday that he thinks padme loves me more than him now that i'm home with her all day long.
i won't tell him that i think she's loved me more all along!
what can i say? she's a little mama's girl!

i'm going to try really hard from now on to get into a good rhythm every day.
i want to have time to do my work, exercise, make dinner and get household chores done
but still have time for the things that i want to do like sew and paint and watch oodles of csi!


AZ Larsens said...

I think it's good you're still sticking to a schedule! The people who work at home and fail are the people who think they have all day to do whatever. They don't realize you're still putting in the hours!

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