Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the little things make me happy

i am happy to announce that my house is getting a little cleaner with each passing day!

i can fit my car in the garage again!
which is very good since our lame HOA left me a mean note on my car telling me to move it since i don't have a permit to park in the parking lot.
does this mean that my garage is now clean?
no way jose!
but since my car is so teeny tiny i was able to stack, thrown away, and rearranged everything so my car now perfectly fits.
i am amazing.

also, i am very excited because matt put up the tv that was in our store in our bedroom!
we have not had a tv in our bedroom the whole time we've lived in this house!
crazy, i know.
but now we do and we LOVE it!
actually, i love it during the day but it's really putting a damper on my already horrible sleeping habits.
oh well, i'll get over it!

we also put up some nicer curtains in our bedroom since i washed the other ones and shrunk them so they didn't fit anymore.

look how amazing everything looks!

if you're wondering what the show is on the tv wonder no more...
it is the amazing amanda bynes show what i like about you!
totally funny show that i don't think matt likes so now i watch it while he's at work!
and padme looks adorable in this picture!
look at her smiling for the camera!

and now for my favorite part of the week...


that's right people, i found a super awesome penguin bag at walgreens and it was love at first sight!
usually matt doesn't let me get things like this but hello?! it was only $5 so he just couldn't refuse!

i love love love love love it!
i can't wait til matt and i go on a trip and i can use it as my airplane bag or something!
everyone will be so jealous!


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