Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a very important date

so its been for-e-ver since matt and i have played with our ridiculously amazing friends josue and elba and since we don't have the store anymore to keep us from them we planned a fun night out!
actually...josue and elba planned a fun night out and then spent about 2 days begging us to go.
why didn't we want to?
well they really really wanted to go to the restaurant benihana
(yup like in the office christmas episode)
and even though matt and i have wanted to go there for practically our whole lives we don't exactly have the moola to dine at a place like that.
so for 2 days we said no no no let's go somewhere cheap!
then josue somehow got into matt's head and then it was just me, all alone, fighting to be my cheap little self and eventually i gave in.
and guess what...

was it expensive?
more expensive than what we would normally pay for dinner but we split a meal so it was actually not too shabby!
was it amazing?

our little cooking man was so awesome!

he was making cute little cooking man jokes the whole time and i was cracking up!

and i don't think i've ever been so amazed by cooking!
if these guys had their own show on tv it would a cooking show you wouldn't have to force me to watch! i would watch it every day!

check me out! i can use chopsticks!

here's elba!! she's so pretty pretty pretty!
oh and there's matt. he likes to be that weird guy in the background of pictures.

we will definitely be going to benihana again!
we decided it's so worth the extra money.

after the benihana excellence we went and saw the new alice in wonderland movie.
i gotta say, i was expecting better.
i guess everyone was just saying it was going to be the most incredible thing that tim burton has ever done so i was expecting to be blown away and i wasn't.
i gotta remember that if people say a movie is going to be brilliant, it won't be.
then i won't be disappointed.
i do need to say though that johnny depp is a babe!
he can even be dressed up with kooky makeup and talking like an idiot and i still want to jump his bones.
true story.

all in all it was an incredible night!


AZ Larsens said...

haha @ "jump his bones"!

But you can't have him. He's mine.

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