Thursday, March 4, 2010

amazing jakes with amazing employees!

to celebrate the ending of our store me, matt and our wonderful employees decided to party it up amazing jakes style!

that's right! it's the perfect place for young kids and 5 create it workers!

sari and marlee were the only smart ones because they brought a coupon and got to do all the fun stuff while matt, nate and i played basketball, skee ball, pool and that jackpot game all night long!

but who were the ones that got all the tickets for tootsie rolls and paper fans??
oh that's right, NOT SARI AND MARLEE!

but the girls totally had the most fun there.
check it out...

sari making fun of marlee on the frog hopper thing.
man was i jealous i couldn't ride this!

no joke.

and apparently these two are extremely popular with the male workers.

this young amazing jakes employee wanted to jump their bones!
he even tried to let me ride the bumper cars for free to get on their good side.

and then this boy told them that they made his day by letting him be in this picture with them.
apparently boys throw themselves at these girls!
but who could blame them?
i would too if i was a 17 year old boy!

the night was a total success and it ended in the most perfect way!

with matt getting completely stuck in a kids ride!
yup...perfect ending!


Alicia Curtis said...

That looks like so much fun! And I love Sari's shirt!!!

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