Monday, March 15, 2010

guns + quads = fun saturday

my family likes to go out to the desert sometimes on saturdays to go shooting and riding their quads.
we never ever ever got to go with them because saturday was a busy day at create it so when they told us they were going this past saturday we definitely had to go!
it was so much fun!

matt and i are experts with a gun!

not really but we pretend to be!

we let my dad have all of the extra samples from our store so he can set them up and shoot at them!
it was so cool to see those pottery pieces explode!
i think this was the best i ever did at shooting because we actually had something fun to shoot, not just cans and boring stuff like that.
i got to shoot at little animal banks and christmas plates and funny mugs!

so since we're not going to be professional snipers any time soon we took a break from the guns every now and then and took the quads out for a ride!
after a rocky start driving into a cactus, matt finally got comfortable with the big monster quad and drove me around.

we followed sari and got stuck in a few places but that's the fun of the city kids on quads!

matt wasn't brave enough to ride the newer quad because its got a clutch and everything but sari and i were getting pretty good on it by the end.

i dare say we were great at it!

we can't wait to go out there again!
we told my dad next time we actually need to camp out there too.
i haven't been camping in years and i miss it!
we'll have to go soon!


Alicia Curtis said...

Look at all you out there in short sleeves and sunshine. I'm still wearing a sweater and a jacket indoors! But its supposed to warm all the way up like 55 or something today! ...Can I come live with you?

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