Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring breaky break

so this week is spring break and i realized that spring break loses all of its excitement when you grow up and have no money.
i really wish we could take a trip somewhere but matt and i still have to work and since both of us don't get paid to take days off we're stuck here.
sad face.
i've been trying to do something fun every day though.
i want matt to have a good spring break!
here's our week so far...

my little sis stayed the night with us on sunday and we spent half of the next day thrift storing it up! i love the thrift store!!
we actually went because i'm searching for materials for a project matt and i are doing but it kinda turned into making fun of clothes instead!

man those pants were itchy...but so sexy!

this was sari's most favorite piece of clothing!

she actually did buy this so she could wear it on a school trip she's taking next week!
that's my girl!

and the absolute best part of our day came just as we were driving away from a goodwill.

i'm sure my mom will never forget that her 21 year old daughter had to hang up on her so she could take a picture of this amazing sight!
sorry mom!!
but if we hadn't seen this giant hotdog on wheels sari would've never decided what she wants to be when she grows up.
i'm proud to announce that my little sister will one day become the weenie mobile driver!
i can't think of anything better than that!

after hitting about 4 thrift stores we were tired and needed foooooooood so sari, my mom and i went to chili's!
i always forget how much i like chili's until i go there.
the fajitas are delicious!

by the time i got home it was time for matt to get off of work.
i think he was a little bummed that he missed out on all the thrifty fun so after i finished some of my work i took him to ikea!
that always makes us happy!
we went to look for a fancy mirror for our project and, of course, ended up finding a bunch of other stuff too!
we found this amazing little tree and just had to get it! why?

it's a money tree!! i wonder when the hundred dollar bills start to bloom.
we also got a couple other random things and then went to our favoritest place in ikea...the as-is department!
and we actually found the mirror we wanted there!
duh! the as-is department never lets us down!
all the mirrors there with frames were too expensive for us so to see the perfect one for $30 cheaper was like a miracle in the as-is department!
i think i even heard angels sing when we picked it up.

i know it doesn't look like our taste now but just wait until our project is complete!

yesterday was certainly the lame day of spring break.
after work matt and i went to some more thrift stores and we made homemade garlic bread to go with our pasta dinner.
it was a wild night!
tonight i'm thinking of taking him somewhere cool!
i think i have to after yesterday.


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