Thursday, March 18, 2010

green green everywhere!

so yesterday was st. patty's day and i'm pretty sure it was the best st. patty's day i've ever had!
while matt was at work i went out to the store and bought just about all the green things i could find and anything that i could possibly turn green for dinner.
here's what we ended up with...

salad with avocados
green garlic mashed potatoes
the most delicious chicken ever covered with green gravy
and green sprite to wash it all down
all eaten with green dishes of course!

matt said he thinks it was one of the best dinners EVER!

then after dinner i took matt to the dollar movies and we FINALLY saw blindside!
i've been asking matt to take me to see that since it came out.
it was so good! i loved it!
i didn't cry like everyone told me i would because according to matt i'm made of stone.
(so not true)
but i thought it was a super cute movie and i'll definitely watch it again when it comes out on dvd.
we do need to remember though that the dollar movies during the week are apparently where the old people go to hang out.
our theater was like an old folks home!
but i guess that's better than having my seat kicked 500 times by some jerky teenager.

when we got home we had a lovely dessert of GREEN mint ice cream and watched some tv before falling asleep.
it was a great night!



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