Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bye bye create it

so our store is officially gone.

we sold almost all of the furniture and equipment that we had which i never thought we'd be able to do in just 2 weeks.

and with the help of my dad and his amazing moving talents we were able to take almost everything that was left over from the store to our house last saturday.

matt and i went back on sunday to finish packing up the rest of the stuff and clean up.

and when i say we cleaned up i mean matt cleaned up while i loaded stuff into the cars!

everything looked ridiculously naked!

its hard to believe that these rooms were completely filled with pottery, kilns, paint, supplies, etc.

it was a great year and a half!
i'm sure lots of people think that we're total losers for having to close our business but i don't see it that way at all.
in fact, i see it just the opposite.
i was 20 years old when we got the store.
how many people can say that they owned a business at 20 years old?
and not only that, how many people can say that they ran a business at 20 years old and made the business more successful than the previous owners??
i'm extremely proud of what matt and i did.
it was the hardest year and a half of my life but i wouldn't change it.
i know i'm better for it.
i've had to deal with mean customers like mr. ufc who yelled at me over a little heart box not being finished.
i've had to deal with broken kilns during our busiest months

sad nikki.

i have learned to become incredibly patient and to try to solve problems when they come instead of just getting discouraged and giving up.
i know that i've done more in my short life than most people have in their entire lifetime.
i think that's something to be proud of.

so instead of feeling sad about the end of our store, i'm happy to say we did our best and we're ready for the next adventure!

bye bye Create It! Pottery Painting and More
we'll never forget you


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