Thursday, February 25, 2010

mad painting skills

last october, after matt and i got our store, we decided the place needed a giant make-over. the place looked old and worn down instead of fun and lively like a pottery store should look.

so one of the very first weekends we had the store we decided to paint the entire place.

with the help of my amazing dad we painted the entire store with its million feet high ceilings in only TWO DAYS! that's right! oh and everything had to have two coats too!

it was quite an accomplishment!
we ran into problems with moldy shelves that had to be scraped clean at 1am
and then thrown out.

and my family had to come back to help us with finishing touches

(sari thought her handprints in the street counted as a finishing touch.)

we also added some extra things during the year to make it even cooler.

our frame on the wall to hold all of our best pieces.

the handprint bathroom which was the most fun to make!

and we also made a splat on the party room wall with whiteboard paint so when we had birthday parties we could write
but i can't find a picture of it. bummer.

after everything was all said and done the store looked pretty amazing!
if i do say so myself.

when we decided to close the store the number one thing i did not want to do was repaint the walls.
i told matt that i wasn't going to ask the landlord about it because i didn't want him to tell us we had to.
but...2 weeks before we closed the landlord decided to be a big meanie face (just kidding he was an awesome landlord) and told us we had to repaint the entire store with a primer.
sad face.
but this time, we called for back up.
we had our employee and good friend nate helping us out and his parents even drove two hours from where they live to help us too!
and then of course my dad came because he's awesome so between the six of us we had an army painting that store and we had that place almost entirely done in one day!
we got mad skills!

bye bye green wall and cool frame. we will miss you.

nate's dad was a freaking animal with a roller! there's no way we could've done this without him!

poor matt was stuck high up on the ladder most of the day.

and i spent a good chunk of my time up high too!

by the time we took a lunch break most of the walls had their first coat if not the start of their second.
yup, we had to do two coats on everything just like the first time.

i put on a brave face as i made the first move to cover up our lovely handprints.

nate had no problem finishing it off for me!

and graffiti-ing it!

the store looked scary in all white!
but its done now, thats what counts!
matt, nate and i went in for a couple hours the next day to finish off doors, edges and other little things but basically we painted a 1700 square foot building (two coats) in about eight hours!

like i said...we got mad skills!


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