Monday, February 1, 2010

tires are evil but i totally rock

for months now, one of my tires has had a slow leak in it that has forced me to fill it up with lovely qt's free air once a week. i never bothered to worry about changing the tire since i could just fill it back up and be on my merry way but for the past couple weeks i've had to fill up more often. about every 4 days i would look at my tire and it would be almost completely flat and i would pray that i would make it to qt before it blew.
it started making driving very scary for me so matt and i decided to take it to a tire place to check it out. we thought maybe they could figure out where the leak was and just patch it up instead of making us buy a whole new tire.
so on saturday, matt and i went to the tire shop.
we told the nice tire man what was going on and he went out to my car to take a look at it.
he immediately seemed worried that i had been driving on this tire for so long.
he said even if they did find a way to patch the tire i would probably just be back in their shop within the month because it had started leaking again or worse, i would have a blow out.
we had no choice but to buy a whole new tire.
we asked the nice tire man what tire he suggested and he said if we want all the tires to match, which i guess is the best thing for the car, then we would need a $140 tire.
um no thank you.
his next suggestion was a slightly older model of all the other tires on my car which was $120.
we eventually asked him what the cheapest tire was that we could get and he said there was nothing cheaper than $100 for my car.
that gets me thinking, i'm standing in a display room full of tires with signs like
"SALE $30 per tire!"
"SALE $40 per tire!"
and i'm wondering "what kind of car do you have to have to get those cheap tires??"
and i have come to the conclusion that tire companies are evil.
they make you think that they are having great sales and you can spend practically no money for the exact tire that you need but in reality those tires do not fit any car that people actually drive.
its ridiculous!
in the end matt bought me the $120 tire because he doesn't want me to feel like i'm going to die every time i'm driving on the freeway.
he kinda likes me!

and now my tire is so sleek looking! no more cracking!


i totally rock at my new job!
i got my first real assignment over the weekend and had to go in for a check on it this morning.
the lady only corrected 2 things! HA!
i got a grade in the 90 percents and she said she knows i'm going to kick butt at this job!
well...she didn't say kick butt but she told me i was going to be a perfect fit for them!


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