Monday, February 1, 2010

hocus pocus hypnosis

matt is trying to hypnotize me. no joke.
i have horrible insomnia and matt has decided he is going to fix me and he is going to use hypnosis to do it.
last night he made me listen to a creepy tape he found that is supposed to put me in a trance of relaxation.
now i totally believe that people can be hypnotized but i don't believe that I can. i think about it too much and can't seem to just let my mind go. matt made me promise i would actually try with this tape though, so i did.
we started listening to it and i did feel more relaxed but then the guy's voice got creepier and creepier and eventually i was so creeped out that i started wondering if i was ever going to wake up if this psycho really did put me in a trance! so i purposefully kept myself awake the rest of the time.
i'm so sorry matt.
i am going to try this tape again, for matt. he got it for me and it probably will help me if i let it but he has to stay awake the next time i listen to it so he can promise to wake me up when the creepy voice man makes me fall asleep forever.

maybe after this tape fixes me i'll be able to sleep like our little puppy!
she obviously knows how to be comfortable!


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