Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sanuks make my feet happy!

so since we are closing the store and have zero pottery i am forced to sit in this big empty store and wait for people to come in and buy furniture from my pottery store.

anyway, i found myself getting sick of cleaning and taking things off the wall and i started thinking about my favorite little shoes that are making my feet itchy.
i cannot bring myself to throw away these shoes so i wash them and continue wearing them even though i find myself wiggling my toes to stop the itch sometimes.
i know, its weird but i love love love these shoes! 
they are sanuks which are the most comfortable things you could ever have on your feet!
if i really am forced to get rid of them i MUST replace them with one of their cousins and i think i found the ones!

are they perfect or what?! 
i WANT them! i NEED them! i WILL have them!
as soon as i save up the millions of dollars that they cost.
why do perfect shoes have to cost so dang much??
its so not fair!

i also found these on the sanuk website and they made me laugh for about 5 minutes straight.

i have no idea why you would want to pay $30 for these things when you could just as easily fashion them out of $5 old navy flip flops and tube socks but here they are and apparently people buy them.
one review even says that she has every color of them!
i need to get into the "making stupid things that people will buy anyway" business!
like snuggies and blank inside greeting cards!


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