Wednesday, February 10, 2010

one man's trash...

man was today a giant pain in the butt!
i spent the entire day cleaning and throwing away so much stuff at our store.
i can't believe we even had some of these things!
i mean, i had never even seen half the stuff i threw away today.
where did it come from???
i sorted, combined, stacked, and threw away for about 4 hours straight.
then there was a little bit of comic relief added to my day when i walked outside to throw yet another thing in the dumpster and found the owner of a nearby business rooting through the trash to pick up some of the things i tossed in there!
i even watched him walk back into his store to get a broom so he could reach this trash i dumped!!
what on earth is he going to do with a bunch of broken pottery, dried paints, random papers and an old basket?
i honestly have no idea.
hopefully he'll do it again tomorrow because it really makes me laugh!

we still have so much to do to get the store all cleaned up and we only have 2 more weeks to do it!
I'm starting to feel pretty overwhelmed at this point.
if i thought packing and moving into a new house was hard, this is about 10 times as hard as doing that!

i made matt promise me that we would get to do something really fun as a celebration after we closed the store.
I'm hoping he'll take me to that new wildlife zoo and aquarium on the other side of phoenix!
i know...i'm a nerd but i heard its really cool and no one loves aquariums more than i do!!


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