Tuesday, February 2, 2010


tonight is the night!

oooooooooooh man!

i know there are a lot of people out there who are lovers and haters and there are also those people who do not understand lost one bit so they can't even pick a side but i am definitely a lover!
i can't get enough lost!
all the questions and the mystery and more questions and mystery! its addicting!
i'm wondering if they are actually going to answer any questions in this season or just leave us to ponder on the island for all eternity.

i just found something amazing today
if you haven't seen the show and want to know what its all about or you have the seen the show and still don't know what its all about go to that site!
you can learn about every character, see blogs, episodes and a bunch more!
its great!

i'm sure lots of people are hoping charlie comes back to life at some point during this season because he is so obviously everyone's favorite character.
i would like to see charlie come back because i want to hear "you all everybody" again!
gotta love that drive shaft!
however, he is not my favorite character.
i'm more of a sawyer kind of girl.
he's got the whole bad boy thing working for him but you know deep down he really cares about people. its precious.
plus, he comes up with the funniest nicknames and jokes!

now who is my least favorite character you ask?
well let me tell you...its a tie between kate and juliet.
i hate those 2 with a passion!
its like the writers thought to themselves "one whiny, stupid, slutty, thinks-she-knows-everything girl isn't enough for this show, lets have 2!"

i wish i could say that i watched all of the other seasons in preparation for tonight but sadly i did not. but my lack of watching all the previous seasons should not be taken as a sign that i am not a true lost fan.

would a true lost fan paint their very own plate to show their dedication?
yes, i believe they would.
and anyone who hasn't painted their very own lost plate just isn't a fan at all.


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