Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day is Awesome!

one thing i need to remember for future years is that going on facebook on valentines day is a big no no! people are such downers! and i'm not just talking about the people who are single, this is even people who are married, engaged, have boyfriends and girlfriends, EVERYONE! its crazy!

i even saw some girls who said that their significant others bought them flowers and they were mad because they shouldn't need a day for their boyfriends to buy them flowers. what the heck is that??

and i really really loathe entirely (said in the grinch voice) when people use the term "single awareness day". can you say lame? i heard/saw that so much this past weekend it made me want to puke! too many people use valentines day as a way to make everyone feel sorry for them. honestly, if you're single on valentines you should get a big group of all of your equally single friends together and have a party! make the day fun, not sad!

now that that's off my chest i just gotta say...


i woke matt up to ask him what he wanted for breakfast and he told me an egg and bacon breakfast burrito so i let him sleep a little longer and i made him just what he wanted! i even added some hash browns with onions and peppers to make it extra tasty! he loved it!

then we had a lazy and relaxing day together! we never get to do that so it was AWESOME! we watched some old lost episodes and a movie and then when it came around dinner time we made a big amazing dinner!

matt's grandpa gave us his old grill so we bought some steaks wrapped with bacon for our special valentines dinner! matt pretended to be a little bbq expert while i whipped up the mashed potatoes, veggies and salads. we also got some delicious bread from sprouts to compliment our meal! we even set up the table all pretty with candles to be funny and took a picture to prove we don't always eat on the couch!

and one to prove that we love each other on valentines day!


and even though this is not what valentines is about...

we have a hard time surprising each other with presents because we get too excited about them so we both already knew what we were getting but it was so much better to see it for reals!

i got matt a special computer mouse that he wanted because he's a major nerd!

and a t-shirt that is amazing and it took all of my energy not to get one for myself.

he loved it! i got him another funny gift but it didn't get here in time and i'm still waiting for it! amazon totally screwed up on that one.

but my gifts were no where near as cool as matt's present for me.

he got me an ipod!!

this picture definitely doesn't do it justice. its so pretty and shiny and awesome!
matt stole my ipod months ago since he went and got his stolen out of his car but he totally made up for it with this!
its even engraved on the back which matt left as a surprise for me! it says
"WE'RE TOTALLY B.F.F. 11:11(i win)"
i'm sure nobody has any clue what that means but i do and its the sweetest thing in the whole world!
he got a big sloppy kiss for this! and now i am sitting here typing while listening to my pretty new ipod playing bryan adams!



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Bryan Adams rocks!

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