Monday, October 17, 2011

f is for flagstaff

we went up to flagstaff, az on saturday to visit my lil sister.
it was super fun and she totally has the cutest little college life.
and the whole time we were up there i just kept telling Matt how bad we need to move somewhere where there's trees and green and the leaves were changing and it's not a bazillion degrees in october.
if i could i would kick Sari's roommates out of that adorable little apartment they were living in and live there myself.
or just get the one next door. maybe that would be nicer of me.
Sari won the best sister award this weekend by taking us out into the forest and taking pictures of us.
most of which are top secret until halloween comes.
oooooh yeah i know you are so intrigued by this year's costume but you will just have to wait.
and we have sworn Sari to secrecy so don't even think about asking her.
i will show you our latest jumping picture though!
first, the failed attempt.
that rock thing we're jumping off of is higher than it looks and therefore we are scared of our landing and are looking down.
Sari made fun of us and made us do it again.
still scared faces but at least we're looking up.
i can't wait to take another trip to visit Sari when there's snow up there!
Sari, start doing a snow dance.


Chase and Amy said...

You guys are so skinny and hot. HAWT. Skinny hotness.

Anonymous said...

I love your green sweater. Drooling over here.


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