Thursday, November 11, 2010

four years!!

four years ago today Matt and i were wed.
some might say i got married too young but i know without a doubt that it was meant to be.

i say that i knew Matt was the one on our 3rd-ish date.
we went to a concert and then when he took me home we stopped at a park and went skimboarding in the rain and just talked and laughed for hours.
he says he knew i was the one on our 1st date.
we went to see Monster House and when we got back in the car i said "11:11 make a wish!"
he stared at me for a looooong time which i took as him thinking to himself "oh my gosh did she really just say that? this girl is so lame!"
but apparently it was quite the opposite.
i guess it was a thing of his to say that on his mission and because of it he made a joke that he would know who the girl was he was supposed to marry because she would say that to him.
how romantic.

2 weeks later we were secretly engaged and another week later he took me to that same park where i fell in love with him and we sat on his skimboard and he made it official.
another 3 months later we were married on 11-11
because it just wouldn't seem right to do it any other day.
i love how he matches my quirky, crazy personality and we always have so much fun.
and of course he's the sweetest boy in the world.
always telling me he loves me and that i'm beautiful.

i don't know how i got so lucky.
happy 4th anniversary to us!!


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