Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rvca Sitting

this past week Matt and i got to doggysit the one and only Rvca!
she's ridiculously cute, as you can see.
and by far my favorite thing that she does is play with ice!

it's the cutest thing ever!
and the best part about it is when the ice gets stuck on her beard and i force her to sit for a picture before i take it off!
too funny!
i wish Padme learned how to play with ice from her but Padme is a snobby little puppy who won't play nice with Rvca.
they spent most of the week like this.
Padme here and Rvca there.
or here.

this was definitely Rvca's spot. she claimed it.
but every now and then Padme would lose her mind and they'd be within inches of each other.
and even sleeping near each other.
but never in my wildest dreams did i think this would happen.

that's right, they're playing together!!!
for a good 10 minutes straight those two were friends!
of course it happened after six days of Rvca being with us and they'll probably never do it again but who cares!
and as you can tell Matt and i thought it was super funny!
we could not stop laughing!
especially around 1:13 on that video where Rvca runs right into the tv stand.
we're mean, i know.
but it was amazing to actually see them having fun together!
we're gonna miss that little scoundrel around here.


AZ Larsens said...

I have to admit, I did spend most of the time during this post trying to figure out how to pronounce that dog's name. Rvca?

But I did crack up when Matt said it was like watching the UFC on Thanksgiving. Except without him backhanding Bubba. haha!

Chase and Amy said...

Hahaha. She is a little scoundrel! I can't believe they played for ten whole minutes!! And I couldn't stop laughing at that ice video. :) Rvca told me to tell you to come visit because she misses you. Just saying.

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