Thursday, November 11, 2010

Matt dream talks

i can never fall asleep at night so sometimes i try to talk to Matt until i feel sleepy.
what i've found while doing this is that Matt will hear me but be half asleep so instead of talking about the same topic he'll say whatever his dream is about.
mostly that includes clowns.
creepy or funny?
i haven't decided.
i tried asking him once what the clown looked like so i could figure it out but the problem with this sleep talking-ness is that he wakes up right after he says something hilarious.
probably because i'm next to him laughing my head off.
this is what he said last night.

Matt: "We should keep a bag of marshmallows by our bed."
Me: "You don't even like marshmallows."
Matt: "Yeah but we could throw them at each other 'cause they're like little pillows."
Me: *Uncontrollable laughter*

i love this boy and his little marshmallow dreams!
i mean come on, who else dreams of throwing marshmallow pillows at each other?


AZ Larsens said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying right now!

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