Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bye bye Malibu

we sold Matt's car this week.
that's right, we're now one of those couples that only has one car.
Matt is sad.
he's putting on a brave face for me but i know he's missing his big honking beast of a Malibu.
mostly i think he's missing his automatic transmission.
and cruise control.
man does that boy love his cruise control.
but alas, it is the property of a mexican man now.

thank you Malibu for taking us out on dates when we first met.
thank you for taking us on our honeymoon.
thank you for acting like a truck when we had to move our stuff to apartment to storage to townhouse.
thank you for keeping Matt's skimboard safe all these years.
thank you for taking us to phoenix those couple times.
thank you for taking us practically no where else after that because we were too afraid you would break down.
thank you for not breaking down.
we will miss you.

now Matt has to re-learn how to drive stick.
and to not play with things in the car because you actually have to shift and stuff.
and to lock his door by hand because my little car doesn't have a clicker.
and i have to learn how to sit in the passenger seat in my own car which feels icky.
and to not feel trapped when i'm at home during the day since i couldn't go anywhere even if i wanted to.
so many adjustments.

but we'll get over it.
we get a four day weekend this week so that'll make us forget everything!
happy anniversary eve to us!


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