Monday, November 29, 2010

i need new lungs

'tis the season to get sick.
i've had this stupid half cold for over a month now but this past week it finally decided to show its ugly face and settle in my chest.
i already have terrible nerdy asthma so this kind of sickness is a big no no.
i can't stop wheezing and taking deep breaths hurts like a mo fo and i have to try not to laugh because it sends me into an asthmatic fit.
so yeah, no bueno.
and of course during the 4 day holiday weekend it just gets worse and worse.
Saturday i could hardly get out of bed because even walking up and down the stairs was too hard on my lungs and i stayed up practically all night because sleeping became too scary.
luckily i have Matt.
that boy did everything he could to make me feel better all weekend.
he cooked for me, he cleaned for me, he rubbed my back, he watched tv with me all night long when i couldn't sleep.
he's the best. be jealous.
but on Sunday it just got too much to handle and we were scared i might actually have pneumonia so we had to make a trip to urgent care.
i got chest x-rays and the doctor said i have bronchitis and if i waited any longer it could've turned into pneumonia because my lungs aren't strong enough to handle the sickness.
i got put on antibiotics and steroids and i have to do breathing treatments every 4 hours.
so this is me.
getting over my sickness every 4 hours.
and i mean every. 4. hours.
Matt yells at me if i don't. in a loving, sweet kind of way of course.
but we're so glad it's not pneumonia and i'll hopefully be good as new in a week or so.
i can't wait.


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Boo. :(

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