Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Versary Recap

it totally sucks going back to work after an amazing 4 day weekend.
it makes me go ughhhhhhh!
because our weekend was just so great and work felt so icky after it.

so thurday was 11-11-10 which was anniversary numero quatro.
we didn't really have anything planned except go to dinner at an amazing place because i took some lactose intolerant helper pills all week and i was ready to get my normal people food on!
so Matt took me to Cheesecake Factory!

and i had my first real food in months!
i got some pasta cheesy buttery chicken dish and it was so good i almost died!
Matt got shepherd's pie which sounds like a weird thing to get at Cheesecake Factory but you would be so shocked at the amazingness of this shepherd's pie!
then came time for cheesecake!
even though you're so stuffed after eating your meal at Cheesecake Factory you just can't leave without having dessert.
that would be horribly offensive to the house of cheesecake right?
plus it's so delicious you can't pass it up!
i went with classic strawberry and can i just say yummmmmmmy!
i will have dreams about that cheesecake.
Matt got red velvet cheesecake and hasn't stopped talking about it since.
this thing was like super cake!
layer of red velvet then cheesecake then red velvet then cheesecake then cream cheese frosting with white chocolate curlies on the back.
it made me wish i liked red velvet cake.
and made Matt wish he had bought more than one slice.
it was a fantabulous dinner!

and just in case that wasn't an overload of dairy that i'm not supposed to be eating we finished off the weekend with a LOT of tv, a LOT of movies, a LOT of sleeping and a LOT more food i shoudn't be eating.
can't let those lactose pills go to waste right?
oh, i didn't.
but what i found out is those pills don't help so much when you go on a dairy binge for 4 days.
so sadly i won't be able to have a weekend like this again.
but man oh man it was good while it lasted.
all the cookies, candy bars, chips and dip, ice cream and butterfinger bells i wanted!
it was like heaven.
i even got to lay in a bed the entire time.
thanks to my awesome sister Christy who let us use her air mattress!
it was the best relaxing weekend ever!

oh and i almost forgot about presents.
guess what Matt got!
you'll never ever guess!
the Scott Pilgrim special edition DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Copy with over 17 hours of extras!
we've already watched the movie, the bloopers and the deleted scenes and i know Matt's just itching to watch one of the thousand commentaries on it so i'm sure that'll be next.
that boy just loves him some Scott Pilgrim.

and what did Nikki get?
a 30 gallon fish tank!
i've always always always wanted a fish tank!
i realize this is a lame picture of it but it's the one that was on Craigslist.
i can't take one of my own because the stand is under construction right now.
see how it's all curly and weird?
well we're cutting off those curly weird parts and we're gonna spray paint it and make it look like it belongs in our house and then my precious little tank will be filled with....
wait for it...
possibly with these red tail sharks.
or bala sharks.
i haven't decided yet but i'm psyched out of my mind about it!

i love Matt for getting me a fish tank!
and i love Craigslist for having expensive stuff for dirt cheap so i can have this fish tank!
and i love anniversary weekends!
and i can't wait for next year because it'll be our 5th anniversary on 11-11-11!
something unforgettable has to be done on an anniversary like that!


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