Thursday, July 7, 2011


when we FINALLY got to Utah we made a quick pit stop at Lucia's to see her one last time as a beautiful single lady and give her a goody bag of dirty honeymoon gifts.
(ps. not to toot my own sexy horn but i'm totally the queen of dirty goody bags! seriously, i would've loved to get everything i put in hers! she's so dang lucky! ow ow!)
then we continued on to Grandma and Grandpa Wamsley's house.
i was super dead tired after a day of driving, a night of gambling, no sleeping because i'm a crazy insomniac and another day of driving but we had an amazing first night in Utah with my cousin Ashley and her hubsy!
something we learned about Utah last weekend, they are fireworks CRAZY!
i'm pretty sure i saw more fireworks during that weekend than i ever have in my entire life.
i guess Utah allows people to light fireworks a certain number of days before and after the 4th of July and everyone takes advantage of it.
so what could we do but join in the party??
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 089
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 094
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 105
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 100
Brent and Matt messed with their lighters so the flame would come out ginormous!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 092
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 096
boys will be boys.
i probably shouldn't mention that i told Matt to do it in the first place.
pyro Nikki at her best.
Ashley was scared to even try to light one of the lighters.
for good reason i guess because when she finally lit it she dropped it and almost lit Grandpa's grass on fire!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 109
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 110
i died laughing!
we loved hanging out with them so much!
it's such a bummer they don't live closer to us.
come visit us soon you guys!


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