Thursday, July 7, 2011


next stop on our Utah trip was Matt's very favorite part of the weekend.
he has this crazy attachment to a restaurant in St. George that we HAVE to go to every time we pass through.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 086
look how happy he is.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 080
and they were so sweet to me about my no dairy weirdness.
they checked all the ingredients on their breads and found out i could have their gyros and oh my goodness was it yummy!
i chowed down!
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 081
the best part is the piccadilly chips with fry sauce though.
Lucia's Wedding Trip July 2011 082
i wish every place offered piccadilly chips in place of french fries.
Matt wanted to go to Frostop on the way to Utah and on the way home.
he loves it THAT much.
but we forgot we were driving through St. George on Sunday on the way back and they're closed on Sundays and when he realized that he was so so sad.
i'm sure next time we go through St. George we're going to have to eat there for lunch and dinner to make up for it.


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