Monday, July 18, 2011

community weekend

it's funny how the weekends we do totally absolutely completely nothing are sometimes the best weekends ever!
on friday night Matt took our TV up to our bedroom and we spent the whole weekend being lazy.
we watched the entire first season of Community and laughed our heads off!
it is without a doubt my new favorite show.
it totally makes me wish community college was really like that.
ya know instead of just going straight to your class and then straight home afterwards you would actually make friends and do things together.
and did you even know community colleges had cafeterias or dances or mascots?
and of course, i want a friend just like Abed.
one of the best Abed moments of all time is this...
(the first 1:25)
i love him more than words can say.
i think our favorite episode of season one was the paintball episode.
i can't wait until Matt comes home so we can watch more.


AZ Larsens said...

YES!! FINALLY! Haven't I been telling you to watch this show for like 2 years now?!?! It's the best show EVER!

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