Saturday, August 14, 2010

oh ya know...

so i've been doing well with my new dairy free diet this week.
that was until friday night.
we went to dinner with some friends and even though i asked the waiter about the food and all that good stuff i'm supposed to be doing i still ended up eating something that didn't sit right with my tummy.
then, since i was already screwed for the night, i decided to push myself over the edge when Chase and Amy offered me a brownie sundae.
sooooo worth it!
ice cream, why must you be so delicious yet horrible to me?
but seriously i need to be better.
we're doing ok with our meals at home but i can hardly go out to eat anymore because i don't know what kind of bread they have or if there's butter in something or if something that "may contain milk" in fact actually does contain milk.
it's extremely frustrating.
so i said to myself "self, someone should make a website to tell you what places to go to and what dairy free food is available at that place."
and then my dreams came true.
meet the dairy free site!
apparently i'm now kind of part of the highly exclusive club known as vegans.
except that i'm a carnivore that devours meat on a daily basis.
but the dairy stuff, totally can't partake of that so i'm like halfies in the club.
so my half vegan self was extremely psyched to find this site!
in addition to the restaurant guide it also has recipes and shopping list suggestions and even a milk free blog!
this site is so getting bookmarked.
and i actually tried out the food suggestions last night at Panda Express.
i got chow mein and steamed rice (not fried rice because it could contain milk) and mandarin chicken.
i'm not allowed to have orange chicken anymore so i guess it's pretty lucky that i already like mandarin chicken a lot.
it was quite tasty and caused no tummy aches which makes me smile.
and no tummy aches also means that my new dairy free site is totally legit.
me likey that!

in other newsssss...
Matt waited all summer long for us to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
he picked it out of all the other movies that were released this summer as the one we would have to see at midnight.
so we did...
i thought the movie was pretty awesome!
way better than expected!
so i was a little confused when the movie ended and i looked over at Matt and he looked upset.
during the first 5 minutes of the movie Matt noticed the surround sound wasn't working so he left real quick to tell a worker at the movie theater.
he came back and i didn't notice anything wrong for the rest of the movie.
but Matt sure did.
they never turned the surround sound on!
even after Matt told them to!
and since this ruined the movie for Matt he actually complained.
Matt and i are extremely alike in many ways and one of those ways is our inability to complain to businesses if they make us mad.
like if the wrong food is delivered to us at a restaurant we just eat it anyway.
that kind of thing.
so i was completely shocked out of my mind that Matt was so upset about this movie being ruined by the absence of surround sound that he would actually complain.
but kudos to him because now we get to see the movie again tomorrow night for freebies!
maybe i should get Matt to complain more often so we get more free stuff!

actually, i kinda did that this weekend too!
wow...big weekend for us pushovers to stand up for ourselves!
to make a long story short, a couple months ago i bought a skirt at Goodwill and since i don't try anything on in the Goodwill dressing rooms i just bought it and took it home to try it on.
well it turns out it wasn't what i was dreaming of so i returned the skirt and got the 4.99 it cost back on a Goodwill gift card.
p.s. who knew they had those?
anyway, they said i had 6 months to use it so Matt and i went yesterday for half price day and found this.
wooden fish bookends. complete with bark and everything.
it's just so freaky it's downright AMAZING!
and it just happens to go perfectly in our outdoorsy themed room!
so we go up to purchase this and i try to use that Goodwill gift card.
well apparently the guy who did the return for me didn't know what he was doing because the card showed up with no balance on it.
so a manager was called over and since the last idiot didn't give me a receipt for my return i couldn't prove anything but i was a man about the situation and wouldn't let them force me to pay for my amazing fish that should've been paid for with my gift card.
so i got him for FREEEEEEEEE!
and now i like him that much more!
successful thrifting trip for sure!


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