Sunday, August 1, 2010

it's finally here!!

that's right ladies and gentleman it's SHARK WEEK!!
be excited, be very excited!
it's my favorite time out of the whole year!
better than Christmas! better than Halloween! better than Flag Day!

so i've been preparing for shark week for weeks now by making a shark week wardrobe.
it only makes sense.
and jammie pants are a definite must for comfortable non-stop shark tv watching!
i found this fabric at Joann a couple months ago and just HAD to have it for my pants!
in case you can't tell what the fabric is i'll tell you.
it's little sharks with swim floaties on their arms!

and of course you can't be wearing shark jammie pants unless they're paired with a great shark shirt!
special thanks to Matt for helping me soooooo much with this shirt!
because the design has a lot of really small parts on it it took us a lot of time, a lot of paint and a couple shirts to get it right.
but it was worth it!
now Christine and i look sharktastic!

and i'm ready for a full week of sharks doing this...
and this...
and this!

and everyone knows you have to start shark week off with a BANG so we had a par-tay at our place which included the new shark week episodes and shark treats!!

shark bait.
(thanks to Amy and Chase!)
shark gummies.
which by the way are amazingly delicious!
shark cupcakes.
shark fin chips and chum salsa.
and ocean blue sprite and blood red strawberry soda.

it was such a fun night!
thanks to everyone that came!
we're definitely going to have to do this again next year!
but right now i really need to end this post.
i mean, i'm wasting valuable shark watching time.


matt said...

And just remember...when a shark slaps the water that means he's "breaching". The internet proves it.

Chase and Amy said...

What an excellent Shark party. And those jammie-jams are awesome! Also, I was thinking about something last night... you should really make a shark fin and tie it to Padme's back. Just so she can join in on the festivities of the week. I think she'd like it almost as much as she likes Rvca. :)

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