Tuesday, August 17, 2010

we will see Scott Pilgrim with surround sound even if it kills us

so remember when Matt complained to the movie theater when we saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World so we were able to see it again for free?
and remember when we got a bunch of people to go with us to make it extra super duper fun?
and remember when the movie was playing in the same theater as last time and the sound still didn't work?
and remember when i went out to tell the workers to fix it because i'm the best wife in the world?
and remember when they didn't fix it so 10 minutes later i went back out to talk to a manager?
and remember when he said there was a speaker broken in that theater so they could only turn up the front speakers and not the surround sound?
and remember when i told the manager that was unacceptable considering this was our second time seeing the movie and i was going to have to ask for free tickets?
and remember when i took it a step further by saying i didn't want a free ticket to see Scott Pilgrim again but a free ticket to see any movie?
and remember when i made him give the other 10 people in our group free tickets too?
i guess you can say the second Scott Pilgrim trip was a success.
but Matt still wants to see it with surround sound.
i guess we're going to Harkins this weekend.

Matt can't stop talking about/quoting/idealizing this movie.
i got a text today that said "i'd defeat your 7 evil exes i love you so much."
to which i replied "if your life had a face i would kiss it."
and then he said "i'm in lesbians with you."
i have a feeling this is going to be normal text talk between us from now on.


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