Thursday, August 26, 2010

i can't stop i can't stop

so Matt and i love love LOVE this show called
Viral Video Film School.
we check every single day to see if there's a new episode that has recorded on our dvr and when we see one we have to watch it immediately or we die.

i highly recommend you waste some time and head on over to youtube and watch every single episode they have on there.
because you will laugh.
and i don't mean "ha ha that was kinda funny" sort of laugh.
i mean this kind of laugh...

note: this video was shot AFTER Matt had already gone on for a good 5 minutes.

and what was he laughing at?
well we were watching the politics episode.
now overall this episode is not the funniest episode we've seen by any stretch of the imagination but skip ahead to 0:48 and that's what threw Matt into his laughing fit.

"that's not how you do that"


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