Wednesday, August 25, 2010

strange but cute. right?

Matt likes to tease me about my strange, quirky habits.

i already mentioned this one in a previous post but...
1. crispy fries are the best!
so i like to pick all the crispy fries out of my basket and only eat them and then switch baskets with Matt and do the same to his.

2. i really only like to drink soda from a can if i have a straw.
not because i'm terribly afraid of germies on the can or anything just because i'm a freak.
3. in a better time, when i was able to eat ice cream like a happy little clam, i liked to eat it with a plastic spoon.
something about that makes it so much more tasty!

4. sometimes i like to keep candy on my desk while i work.
i call them "work treats" and i love them.
they keep me going while i type my little fingers to the bone.
and Matt likes to make fun of me but really i think he secretly loves work treats because i know he likes to steal them!
good work treats include...sour gummy worms, hot tamales, gummy bears, starburst and my personal favorite sour octopus.

which brings me to my next item.
5. sour octopus kick sour worms' butt into next week!
i mean 1 sour octopus equals 8 sour worms plus 1 sour gummy bear!
who wouldn't like that?
they're amazing!
one time Matt bought me a gigantic box of them on the internet and we were sick on sour octopus for like a month.
good times.

6. my favorite pieces of popcorn are the ones that look like this...
bet you didn't think there were different popcorns.
well that's how completely odd i am.
but these are perfect!
minimal kernel junk that get stuck in your teeth and it's fun to suck on the puffy part!
so, just like my fries, i pick through my popcorn bowl and find and devour these babies before moving on to the less appealing popcorns.

yes, i am so very strange.
don't tease me Matt.
i know deep down you think all these things are unbelievably adorable!


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